This site is for former pupils and staff of Wallasey Grammar School, Henry Meoles School, Oxley School and Wallasey School. All former Old Wallaseyans are invited to register their Email addresses with the Secretary of the Old Wallaseyans World Wide (His details appear on the Contact Us page). This will enable you to be informed of updates to the Newsletter and forthcoming events.  IF YOU FORGET TO UPDATE HIM, SHOULD YOU CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS WE WILL LOSE CONTACT WITH YOU. If you are receiving reminders, you can safely assume that your contact details are registered.

News of yourselves, colleagues or information of interest to Old Wallaseyans can be sent by Email or post to the Newsletter Editor. His details are  also on the Contact Us page.




We are pleased to announce that the 2022 OWWW dinner will be held on the 7th October at New Brighton RUFC Reeds Lane, Moreton. The venue will hold many memories for most of you and we hope this will encourage you to attend. Also please tell your OW friends who may not be linked into our web site. Full details on how to book are on the Events page

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