2018 Dinner at the Leander Club


WGS 1st Skiff mixed pair Henley 2018

Knowles (bow) Sarah Lear (stroke)

Mesdames Staines and Bruce coxes

WGS 1st V111 Henley 2018

Knowles D,Lear,Murphy,Browne

Stoddart,Elder,Staines, Knowles N (str)

Hamilton (cox)

David Trapnell welcomes the diners to the

Leander Club

Graham Smith and Karen Durie

l to r Claire Bruce,CliveLewis-Jones,

Helen Lewis-Jones

lto r Nigel Knowles, David Staines, John Stoddart,

Paula Staines

l to r Mike Elder, Anne Knowles,Alan Murphy

l to r Geoff Trapnell, Carole Trapnell, David Browne,

Sarah Lear

 l to r John Bennett, Helen Bennett, Peter Cochrane,

Peter Doyle

l to r Ralph Marsh, Harry Milburn, Roi Milburn

lto r Sarah Lear, Keith Hamilton, Sue Hamilton,

David Trapnell

l to r Harry Milburn, Roi Milburn, Ken Roberts,

John Bennett

l to r Edward Godfrey, Colin Bruce (speaker),

Claire Bruce


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