2017 Dinner at the Wallasey Golf Club


Lto R Barry Gidman,John Gidman, Guy Hughes

L  to R John Williams, Ralph Bibby, Sue Williams

L to R John Davies (guest speaker), Margaret Davies,

Bob Bryans

L to R Nessa Martlew,Sue Pennington, Frank Pennington

L to R Harry Milburn, Roi Milburn

L to R David Hill,Anne Hill, Brian Caddock

L to R Ralph Marsh,Roger Burgess, Sheila Burgess

L to R Alan Murphy, Sarah Lear, Bob Lear, Friedl Burns

L to R Claire Bruce, Alan Hughes

L to R Colin Bruce, John Hickling, Catherine Kress, Clive Lewis-Jones,

Helen Lewis-Jones

L to R David Burns, Janet Bishop, Peter McGinity,Heather Murphy

L to R Nigel Knowles, Mike Elder, Claudine Lecerf

L to R Paula Staines, Carole Trapnell

Pictures courtesy of David Trapnell OW


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